Registered MFT Intern #IMF82916
Registered PCC Intern #1778
(Supervised by Patricia E. Craven,
LMFT #MFC24859)

Welcome to ART in Life, my integrative holistic psychotherapy practice. As an artist and a healer, I have a deep appreciation for the reflective process and honor the innate wisdom that is within all of us.

A big part of my work with clients is to cultivate and honor their innate wisdom. When this inner knowledge starts to unveil certain aspects of yourself, you will begin to see what you didn’t before. This is when you Awaken. When you trust your insight and embark on the process towards healing and transformation, you begin to Reclaim the hidden parts of yourself and reconnect with your innate wisdom. As we tap into your inner wisdom, by cultivating awareness, you will begin to slowly make the transition from “just survive” to Thrive.

Through my personal and professional experiences, I am aware how challenging and overwhelming therapy can be for many people. When working with clients, I use practical holistic tools and frameworks. I support clients to develop emotional resources that empower them to create fulfilling relationships in their lives. Together, we will co-create a therapeutic space tailored to your unique needs using mindfulness-body-based approaches to find solutions and relief.

I warmly invite you to contact me with any questions you may have. I offer a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation to learn about you and what ART in Life may mean for you.