Registered MFT Intern #IMF82916
Registered PCC Intern #1778
(Supervised by Patricia E. Craven,
LMFT #MFC24859)

Many clients include heterosexual and same sex couples, who are polyamorous or monogamous. These couples are experiencing disconnection in their relationships due to issues such as financial stress, parenting, addiction, sexual and emotional detachment, which may cause them to feel ambivalence and possibly consider separation or divorce.

With many couples, I work to help them identify how they interact together as a system creating their relationship. An important part of our work will be to explore how ART in Life can bring harmony and balance for each partner and their relationship. Through this therapeutic process you may come to:

  • Share openly and communicate your wants and needs
  • Identify dynamics and patterns that lead to conflict
  • Cultivate a deeper level of listening and reflecting
  • Develop skills to deal with and resolve conflicts
  • Experience harmony and intimacy

With many couple clients some areas in particular we focus on are:

  • Trust issues
  • Time Management
  • Anger Management
  • Distressing Conflicts
  • Pre-marital Counseling
  • Open/ Polyamorous Relationships
  • Life Transitions – birth, death, divorce, job loss, illness, retirement, aging